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Manufacturing Mechanical Components 

Learn more about the items we design and manufacture. At AB Machine, our manufacturers specialize in engineering machine components for scientific and technological industries. When you need a device or product that does not exist or is no longer in production, we use the latest technology to build it from scratch.

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About Us

For more than five years, we have been giving companies the exact components they need to succeed. AB Machine is home to a group of highly-qualified engineers who work hard to create items according to your exact specifications. Based in Escondido, California, our mechanical engineers build prototypes and coordinate small production runs. Whether you need thousands of units made or just a few, we are ready to begin production.

We have more than 20 years of experience working for machinery manufacturing companies. Our experience covers everything from tool design to injection molding.

The most valuable part of any product that we make is the level of quality and integrity that goes into it. We work with a vast network of companies to bring you the best products possible. Our partners are leading their respective industries, such as electro-plating, sheet metal, and injection molding.

Mission Statement

We want to help the manufactures by participating in the manufacture's industries as much as we can.


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